(Business writer.)

Early theories of behaviour, both in psychology and economics, based around extrinsic motivation - carrot and stick. Assume that people need oversight and external pressure to work, would otherwise slack off.

Later research made more of intrinsic motivation - working for curiosity/achievement/expression.

Uhat using extrinsic rewards or punishments can undermine intrinsic motivation - cause focus on the reward rather than on the work itself. Rewards work for routine tasks, but the more creativity required the more rewards damage peformance. Switches people to a transactional mindset, when an ethical or a playful mindset might produce better results.

Intermittent rewards and addiction. Can promote risk-taking behaviour, short-term thinking.

Self-determination theory - job satisfaction predicted by autonomy, mastery and relatedness.

Mastery and growth mindset.

Lot’s of anecdotes and assertations, kind of light on references. Might be better off just reading a literature review on self-determination theory. I’ll clear my existing reading list, but I’m not buying any more books in this style.