Published 2010. Authors are: prof of learning tech, founder of maritime software company, founder of educational software company.

Two systems for decision-making: hot associative recall of similar situations / analogous situations / stories / proverbs etc vs cold calculation. Authors strongly put down cold system, without any real references or actual arguments. Reminiscent of Blink in it’s unbounded enthusiasm for the power of intuition.

Hot system relies on having a body of relevant stories to recall. Main thrust of the book is that companies should build a library of stories about previous decisions, good and bad, and a human-like recall system that can provide appropriate stories at the relevant point in time.

Obstacles that are not discussed:

Slight tangent on using library of stories (without any recall system) as framework for designing training simulations. Normal training provides explicit knowledge, need practice and feedback/failure to turn that into implicit knowledge that can be acted on in the moment.

Interesting ideas but more marketing than analysis. Sounds like the authors are revving up to sell this to someone.