0001: welcome, text editor intro + rendering

Published 2021-01-25

So one weekend I drank too much coffee and impulsively decided to start a newsletter. My biggest worry at the time was that it would launch to the sound of crickets. I've now learned that what I should have been afraid of was waking up on Monday morning to a sea of expectant faces and realizing that maybe I should have written some of this stuff in advance...

Luckily, I procrastinated all winter by writing a text editor from scratch so I have ready-made filler material. Check out the intro and rendering posts.

Those of you who only signed up for database stuff, don't worry. The (totally non-binding) plan for the next episode is to explain how materialize can decorrelate all sql subqueries, even the ones that make other databases bail out to nested loops, and why I'm still not happy with that solution.