0019: Refactor

Published 2022-01-26

I'm going to make this newsletter public. Reasons:

So this will be the last update via github. Future updates appear via atom, tinyletter or twitter, and the archive will be visible at the bottom of the front page of scattered-thoughts.net.

I expect that future updates will contain fewer random links and more half-formed thoughts and work-in-progress. If you were only here for the infotainment and don't want to sponsor me anymore - no hard feelings.

But I think in the long run this will lead to better work, especially as I focus on shipping actual usable demos this year. Reading less froth will also leave me with more time to fit in smaller projects, and I've no shortage of ideas for those:

> wc ideas.md
 1479  4740 31864 ideas.md

As a reminder, new office hours slots appear automatically every Friday, two weeks in advance. They are still filling up quickly but I expect demand to die down over time. If not, maybe I'll make some sponsors-only slots.