2020 spending

Published 2021-01-15

Continuing the tradition from last year.

I moved to Canada in March this year, so these numbers are only for April-December for the sake of my accounting sanity. Numbers are actual/budgeted Canadian dollars per month.

My rent is much higher than the average for the area, but house-hunting during a lockdown isn't easy so I'll probably be there at least another half year.

The digital bills entry is a bit weird because I started some of those donations part-way through the year and couldn't be bothered to attribute them individually.

My grocery bills were really high when I first moved but were down to ~280 by the winter as I filled out my kitchen and figured out where to shop.

I spent a ton on climbing gear this year - two new pairs of shoes, replaced a broken helmet, started a trad rack. But much less than expected on other random objects so it works out ok.

The climbing trips being higher than expected is I think just an artifact of not having the January-March off-season in these accounts.

This also ignores ~4k total moving costs (mostly replacing things that weren't cost-effective to ship). In theory this is a one-off, but I should add some annual slack for similar one-offs eg dead laptops. So I expect to spend 30k/year but will plan for 35k/year.