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Published 2022-03-28

Continuing with the 'the program is the database' theme from last month, I made a clojurescript dialect (called preimp) where the only source of mutable state is the source code itself. It works well enough for spreadsheet-sized datasets:

I have much more interesting interactions planned. Hopefully for next month.

Doing this in clojurescript makes it easy to get things off the ground but creates a very low ceiling for how high-quality an experience I can make. So I'm thinking of this as a two-pronged assault: on the one prong I'm trying to make a language and programming environment that is ideal for data soup problems, and on the other I'm hacking together something awful in clojurescript to see where I have to go.

I wrote some musings on how data is represented in programming systems:

The shape of data

HYTRADBOI is clocking in so far at 169 attendees and 35 speakers.

If this slow trickle of sales continues we're looking at maybe 300 people total. More if there is a last-minute uptick. Perhaps a little more success than I was prepared for :S

I've turned off the office hours link - now that the weather is drying out I'll be either coding, writing or climbing pretty much 100% of the time.

I'm still open to unsolicited email though - async communication is much easier to fit into the gaps.

I'll also be in NYC May 5-13 and May 20-21.