2021 Q3 roundup

Published 2021-10-12

9 months of being paid to make things by strangers on the internet!

Here is what I did in the last quarter:

Here is what my income (in USD / month) looks like over time:

And the distribution of sponsorship amounts:

$1 x 3
$2 x 7
$4 x 1
$5 x 17
$10 x 11
$15 x 2
$20 x 46
$50 x 2
$100 x 1
$128 x 1
$200 x 3

I think it's interesting that even with pay-what-you-want the majority of new signups are for $20. So the default does seem to make a difference.

I'm now making the equivalent of ~31.5k CAD per year. That's above minimum wage, just slightly below the mean phd income at UBC and about 70% (pre-tax) of my 2020 budget.

The list of things I did this quarter bears no resemblance to the list of things I planned to do, so why even have plans?

But here are some things I might do next quarter:

I have a ton of other ideas but I feel the need to pop at least one of the above projects off my mental stack before starting anything new.